10 September 2007

When Watermelons Go Bad

I bought this watermelon on Saturday at the Farmer's Market. Two days later it looked like this. Those aren't soap suds, people, that is whatever evil is inside......coming out.
Now, at first I thought I might still give it a chance, but my husband is still reeling from some fruit-induced trauma from his youth. Apparently, his whole family got a hold of a bad watermelon and they hold a grudge to this day. Not a one of 'em will touch a watermelon. (Which, consequently, means MORE FOR ME!)
My husband, by the way, holds fruit grudges like nobody I have ever seen! He won't eat bananas because they made the roof of his mouth tingle one time. (That's an added bonus that you get for no additional charge, I say!) and he won't eat grapes. Grapes! I don't know how someone could have bad feelings about a grape. I mean, if it goes bad you pour it into a bottle and call it wine. I froze some grapes for a treat when we went to the Zoo lately and the kids and I were loving them on the ride home, after hours in the hot hot sun. He would have nothing to do with them. Apparently, he and fruit broke up a looooong time ago.