28 October 2010

Curtains, Coffee and Midnight Murderous Rampages

So, today is Day Two of the Drop Cloth Curtain Project. I have just been made privy to The Secret That is Drop Cloth Curtains which means that the fad is probably about to go the way of pet rocks and zoot suits, but, alas, I'm doing it anyway.

Yesterday I bought the drop cloths then went home and fell asleep. Today I plan to make coffe (lots of it) and use the coffee to dye the cloths. (On second thought, I drink way more Diet Dr. Pepper than coffee. I wonder if soda dyes fabric just the same as coffee?) I may do some sort of border on them,but, knowing me, they will be trimmed with paperclips and dog hair.

Don’t get your hopes up.

Of course, none of this will happen if Kirk and I end up in jail. You see, we have been on a Murderous Rampage of sorts lately.

A killing spree.

It started with a possum who just refused to get out of my way as I drove home from work in the dark.



Then Kirk arrived home to tell me that he killed a squirrel on my behalf by plowing it down with his car. He told me that he was defending the honour of my garden.


So, I apologize for the inadvertant killing spree. We didn't mean it. Well, I didn't mean it. Kirk? Oh, he has Wildlife Murder in his soul for sure, bless his heart.