28 July 2009

Facebook Song

...courtesy of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets. I LOVE them. If I ever go to a concert I'll have a lighter in my hand. (which could be bad, now that I think about it as the singers themselves are highly flammable.)

14 July 2009

A Wing and a Prayer

Ken Hoffman, I have a Wing to pick with you!

I read your absolutely gushing review of Wendy’s new boneless Asian wings.

found here:



Ken, I have but one question for you. Have you ever actually EATEN CHINESE FOOD? One can’t help but wonder if perhaps you have only heard tales of Chinese food, but have never consumed it yourself.

Did you eat the same Americanized lumps of poultry that I did? With one bite I knew I had been had. I sat there looking forlornly at the deceptive chunks and thought, “these are McNuggets in sauce”. And a BLAND sauce at that.

Now I will admit, just for the sake of literary and culinary transparency, that I cook with SPICE AND FLAVOUR, so that may have been my downfall. I use curry, cumin and herbs of all sort. So, I may be a bit biased in the flavor department as I demand that my food, you know, has some.

Mr. Hoffman, the only recommendation I can make at this point is the rapid ingestion of some P.F. Chang’s Kung Pao Chicken.

It’s the only thing that can save you.

06 July 2009

Netflix: Netflix Movie Viewer

Netflix: Netflix Movie Viewer

Bellydancing. It's harder than it looks.

That is all.

02 July 2009

Scooter: the E! True Hollywood Story

I keep wondering if maybe Scooter had issues.

This is coming as a last-born, attention loving baby of the family. I can’t help but wonder if Scooter hated that the other muppets got all the attention and accolades. Maybe Scooter, forever jealous of the attention given to his much cuter twin sister Skeeter, born into his polyester and fiberfill family at a time when his parents, worn out from caring for their other Muppet Children, were not as available to give Scooter the attention he so craved.

Perhaps Scooter became all too accustomed to allowing others to steal the spotlight that he truly deserved. Truth be told, Scooter was likely the least physically attractive of the bunch, although his genius and intellect cannot be ignored. We could assume, from the physical and intellectual attributes that are obvious on the show, that Scooter likely placed top in his class at Muppet High. I am thinking ‘member of the chess club’ and possibly a nearly silent member of the debate team, always allowing others to have the last word. He certainly kow-towed to Kermit’s incessant demands.

After years of drug abuse, most of which was hidden by the success of the muppet show, Scooter ends up in a back alley just off Hollywood and Vine, an embriodery needle sticking out of his arm, his felt all nappy and worn. What has become of this once-well-known member of the Muppet Show crew? Will Scooter agree to treatment at the Betty Felt Clinic for Severely Disturbed Puppets or will he continue down this dangerous path?
NOTE: The preceding rant is just a general 'wondering-ment' and is not intended as actual reporting. Don't sue me, I'm just speculating here!

Rainbow Resource

I placed our curriculum order for next year. I am SOOO excited! Here's what we are getting:

For Katy:
French for Kids (add-on for French)
My First French ABC Picture Coloring Book (fun add-on for existing Learnables French curriculum)
Chemistry Laboratory Worksheets
Chemistry Student Text (Real Science 4 Kids)
Chemistry Teacher’s Manual
Vocabulary From Classical Roots A
Little French ABC Coloring Book (another add-on)
Analogies (for the whole co-op class to review)
Wordsmith (writing)
Editor in Chief Book A1 (editing and revising)
Thumb Thing For Reading Large
Classical Latin Alphabet Bookmark
Life of Fred: Decimals & Precents
Life of Fred: Fractions

For Jake and Claire:

Get Ready for the Code Book A
Mudpies to Magnets (pre-school science curriculum)
Songschool Latin Student Text and Song CD
Songschool Latin Teacher’s Edition

I just realized that I didn't order Jake's Funtastic Frogs math book, but I can pick it up locally.

We already have Before Five in a Row for Jake and Claire as well as Prima Latina Latin for use after Song School Latin. Also, I am going to see how Jake does with following along on Katy's French lessons.

As far as lesson PLANS?! Well, I think that it is something that only an afternoon with Ann and a few rounds of margaritas will accomplish.