30 September 2007

I was lied to. (Don't let this happen to YOU!)

Dear Sunsweet Growers, Inc.,
You lied to me. I believed you. Why shouldn’t I? I have never known you to lie to me in the past, so when I saw your commercial on television proclaiming that your individually packaged prunes tasted “just like candy” I got sucked in. I believed you. I bought a cylinder full of your lies. I brought it home hopeful that I could like this fruit that had eluded my love in the past. With one bite my faith in you was shattered. I believe that what you meant to say in your advertisement was, “it’s a prune. It doesn’t taste like candy at all, but we hope that you’ll buy it anyway”. Is that what you meant?

I have news for you. All of you at Sunsweet Growers in Yuba City, California, please take note: Your prunes do not taste like candy at all. They do, in fact, taste rather similar to very large raisins. Please do not mistake them for candy in the future.
And, for the record, I consider your ill-placed “75 cents off coupon” inside the container to be a very cruel joke indeed. Of course I would like to save money, but not if it means buying any more of these so-called “candies” of yours.

Thank you for your time,

P.S. Your website proclaims that your prunes are “irresistibly delicious”. Please……stop the deception.