22 September 2007

Roasted Green Chilis....Mmmmm!

This morning Claire and I went to the Farmer's Market. They have all sorts of wonderful stuff there-fresh produce, homegrown herbs and potpourri, homemade soaps and lotions, mums, etc. Oh, and freshly baked breads, pies and cookies. I like looking at the baked goods, but I don't buy them. It just makes me want to go home and bake them myself, ya know?

So, for the second time I bought these roasted green chilis from Wayne Whitmore at Whitmore Farms. He roasts the BEST green chilis in the whole world!! I bought three bags of them today because the ONE I bought a couple a weeks ago only lasted about 24 hours. Here are some pics.

This is Wayne actually roasting the chilis in front of God and everyone. Don't they look good? I wish you could smell 'em, they are just amazing!

Here's another one:

I'm using this pepper as an air freshener in the car. It makes it smell like a Mexican restaurant in there!

I came home and made Chicken Fajitas. Oh,yum! Tomorrow I am going to make a baked potato and green chili with cheese concoction.
You can find Wayne's Awesome Chilis at Whitmore Farms, 10320 W. 140th, Coyle, OK (I have no idea where that is!), 73027 or call them at (405) 466-2279. The business card reads, "call late" under the phone number, so.....a word to the wise is sufficient, as Mrs. Wingfield used to say.