03 November 2010

Is it just me?

Or does the "alleged furniture" in this picture look like something from a Witness Relocation Program?

Is the chair ashamed? Shy? Has it been captured by insurgents and will only be released if the captor's demands have been met?

It's not his fault, though, the guy has a phone that doesn't take "well pictures". (his pictures are sick, see, THAT'S the problem!

01 November 2010

The Cheap Plastic Pony of Knitting

As we now sneak up on my first anniversary of my acquisition of Knitting Knowledge I have realized something.

I don't really know much about knitting after all.

I told Laura the other day that I think of her every time I cast on and knit in the round with double pointed needles (DPN's) since she was the one who taught me the whole Circular Knitting Lore.

She sniffed and said,"Heh. Using DPN's (double pointed needles for all of you knit neophytes) is so last century. I use Magic Loop now. It's so much easier!" I know what's gonna happen, though. I'll finally learn to use this mysterious contraption they call "Magic Loop" then the Knitting Socialites I hang with will have moved on to something even MORE cool and amazing. It will be all, "Oh, we knit with Space Needles now. All we have to do is just THINK about what we want to knit and there it is!"

You see, as usual, I'm friends with people who are WA-A-A-A-AY cooler than I am. Laura is riding the Knitting Stallion while I sit perched atop one of those cheap plastic ponies on huge springs. Ya know, the kind that make you so giddy that you keep bouncing like an idiot and then you pitch forward and chip a tooth? Yeah, that one. (I'd like to point out that I have only had ONE knitting injury thus far, thankyouverymuch!)

She is knitting beaded scarves, the sort of thing that is so lovely and exquisite and doesn't look warm at all. (the kind of fine knitwear I'd spill hot chocolate on, to be honest!) I knit the sort of scarves that induce exclamations of, "Oh, it must be homemade......uhm,....it looks very warm!"

I look at her knitting.....then look down at the yarn mess in my own lap and steal myself for the inevitable inner monologue. "It's okay, Cyndi....what you're making looks nice, too. Someone will love it, even if it doesn't have any beads."