16 September 2007

Metro OKC Knitters Guild

Katy and I joined the Metro OKC Knitters Guild at the library today and actually learned to knit! This group is awesome! They will teach newbies how to knit and they knit hats and (other things....more to come) for the babies at a local hospital. One of the leaders taught me how to knit and her mother taught Katy. By the time we left we had each knitted a few rows. I still can't believe it!

In other news, the Bench Knife has returned! I, apparently, had looked everywhere except the back of the top shelf of the baking cabinet. I know I didn't put it up there. Must be the kitchen elves. It was excellent timing as earlier that day we went to Kohl's to pick up some new clothes for me. (I've lost a bit and my clothes didn't fit anymore.) As we walked out to the car I looked over and it looked like this:

Katy was holding Jake's hand. Jake was holding Kirk's hand. Kirk was holding Claire's hand. Claire was holding my hand. I took it all in and thought,"We are just so blessed!