26 May 2009

Not in London

As I was rushing around yesterday trying to do a quick "get-ready" so we could go swimsuit shopping (an endeavor that I should REALLY only undertake fully drunk on Malibu Rum!) I received a phone call from Friend Kara informing me that someone had hacked my Facebook page and was asking my friends for money so I could "get home from London where I'm stranded"!!

So, let me officially set the record straight. I am not in London. I am here, where I live, in Oklahoma City and have never actually BEEN to London, except in my dreams and while getting lost in a good book. I was not mugged in the park in London and my cell phone was not stolen. I do not require monies sent to a paypal account so I can get home.

I am here. Still here.

I would LIKE to go to London, but it's not looking likely at the moment. I'm too busy getting my ego crushed by swimsuit shopping. It is REALLY disheartening to lose 50 pounds and STILL not fit into any suits.

What would any self-respecting chubby girl do after realizing that no swimsuits fit? That's right, I went directly to the market and bought ice cream.

I really had no other choice.

As I was feeling sorry for myself what with the ill-fitting swimwear and the hacking of my facebook page I thought about how it was Memorial Day, after all and others have sacrificed their very lives for my freedom.

Really, when you put it that way, what do I have to complain about?! I'll bet you anything that the servicemembers who have died on our behalf, so we could experience freedom, would gladly deal with a bad clothes-shopping experience or a facebook hack just to be alive.

When you think about it that way.........my day wasn't that bad after all.