23 May 2009

Mr. Morton is the subject of the sentence......

And what the predicate says he does!

I awoke this morning to my children watching SchoolHouse Rock. When this song came on Kirk said, "oh, I LOVE Mr. Morton!" so I started singing the song to Jake as if HE were the subject of the song:

"Oh, Jake is the subject of the sentence

And what the predicate says he does!"

Then we started coming up with all sorts of things that Jake DOES on a daily basis. I printed the words up on sentence strip paper (found at Lakeshore Learning Store....LOVE that place!) and had Jake cut them out. It was Jake's first day practicing his scissor skills and I had completely forgotten just how much skill and effort is required in using scissors! That boy is a real whiz with the scissors!

I just LOVE SchoolHouse Rock!