12 June 2010

A morning of kayaking

OH.MY.NOODness!!! Katy and I went kayaking this morning and now I wonder, "why did I EVER wait so long to try this?!"

Even though the instructor said that "this is not a race" I was still pretty excited that I was the first to arrive at the first destination. I was paddling as fast as I could at times, then realized that I may want to conserve some energy for the return trip. (I pictured a future me, too exhausted to lift my own paddle....weeping pathetically as someone else has to tow me back to shore.)

I woke up this morning, eyes wide with terror with one thought on my mind,"OHMYGODWHATABOUT ALLIGATORS?!" I am happy to report that I saw zero alligators in Lake Hefner today. It was just a beautiful morning to be out on the water.

We went with the wonderful folks at OKC Kayak.

I'm off to try to figure out how soon I can get my hands on my very own kayak. Lucky for me OKC Kayak has Demo Days where you can try a bunch of different kayaks out before you buy it!

If you have ever thought about trying out kayaking.....JUST DO IT!

Here is their website: