21 May 2008

The Latest

So, lately mom has been saying that Jake needs a gym class of some sort, some outlet for his energy. But, with my many root canals, surgery costs, upcoming trip to Missouri, I just can't see spending money on anything else. This morning I had the brilliant idea to advertise for a gym class......in our backyard......for a bunch of pre-schoolers. I think that this liquid diet has finally gone to my head! I thought that if we could get a few other pre-school kiddos and kick some balls around the backyard, play in the sandbox, etc. it would be a fun time and FREE!

Now, just as long as I can find some other interested families who won't see me as their free drop-off babysitter! then this can work!

Maybe I'll use that sign that our pediatrician has in her office,"All children left unattended will be given an espresso and a free puppy!"