13 February 2008

Please forgive previous post

Somehow I had enabled "transliteration to Malayalam". ???

Anyhoo. I realized the other day that it has been nearly two months since I posted and I have been avoiding it like the proverbial plague. Jim died on January 11, 2008. It is still totally unbelievable. I still can't quite wrap my brain around it and it doesn't seem real. My best friend from high school was visitting last weekend and when I was telling her about how it all happened it seemed as if I was talking about it happening to someone else's brother. At one point I even started feeling sorry for her because I think I tried to talk myself into believing that it was her brother who got sick and died, not mine. I know that I'm not handling this right, but what else do you do? Crawl into a hole and cry?

I have Sociology class tonight which is such a relief! I can just sit and listen and take notes and not have to think about anything else.

Oh, and the retreat is coming up. I cannot TELL you how excited I am to be going!

In other news, Katy asked if she and I could have weekly meetings to discuss things and, so far, we have come up with Barnes & Noble, Just 4 Keeps and Namaste as our meeting spots.


Also, Jake adopted a frog last week. Jake can't quite say his "F"'s just yet, so his name is "Trog".