20 August 2008

Pizza Rolls!

Today we are making pizza rolls in the following flavours: (mix and match)

Pepperoni (we use turkey pepperoni. All the flavour, but a lot less greasy!)

Italian Sausage

Green Peppers

Sauteed white onions

Hamburger and Black Olive (Kirk's favourite!)

The dough is rising as I write this and the kitchen smells so good! Yum! I have been filling the freezer lately with chicken pot pies (I roasted four chickens over Saturday night and got up Sunday and made the pies.) Jake calls them "chickenpies". We had plenty of shredded chicken leftover for quesadillas/tacos, etc.

We are gearing up for the new school year. Even though we school year-round it seems like September just feels like the beginning. (And it is when all the clubs start.) This year Katy is in a weekly Book Club and a Writing Club and a Monthly Book Club as well. She is considering archery and 4-H.

Tomorrow we make chocolate chip cookie dough balls, pumpkin bread and Oreo Truffles. (yum!) It's gonna smell a lot like Christmas in our kitchen tomorrow!